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Storage Containers

Are you in need of a storage container rental for your construction site or place of business? How about top-quality equipment, dependable customer service, and on-time delivery?

Here at Royal Throne, we take great pride in being a leading provider of the finest portable storage containers and outshining our competition in all levels of customer service. We know each job is unique, which is why we keep a large inventory of portable storage containers at your local neighborhood branch in four different sizes ranging from XXX all the way to XXX’.

Each storage container rental is made of a special kind of steel that is crafted to be highly weather-resistant and extremely durable.

That means our storage container rental excels in two key areas:
  • ♦ Protecting your equipment and valuables from theft and vandalism
  • ♦ Keeping your equipment and valuables dry and shielded from all forms of inclement weather and pests including dust, pollen, insects, rodents, and more
We are confident our dependable staff will exceed your expectations by:
  • ♦ ALWAYS being on-time when delivering and picking-up your portable storage containers
  • ♦ Sharing their industry knowledge and accurately assisting you in determining the right size and right number of storage containers for rent
  • ♦ Meticulously inspecting each storage container rental to ensure they arrive in pristine working condition
  • ♦ Providing professional and upbeat customer service EVERY TIME

We’d love to help you
on your next project.

We will help you select the best unit for your event based on the type of event, how many guests, how long the event will be held, and where the event will be located

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