The Royal Rear

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Duke Package (2 Stalls)

Similar to our other restroom trailers these provide a comfortable experience that rivals that of interior restrooms. Premium fixtures such as faux marble, decorative mirrors, premium wood cabinets, and rich stained finishes give these luxury portable restrooms a formal feel and ensure an unexpectedly enjoyable experience for event attendees.

These luxury restroom trailers are perfect for large weddings, corporate events, small concerts, sporting events, races & charity walks, academic & collegiate activities, and any other event where a premium restroom experience is required.

The Duke Package restroom trailers address the need for an upscale restroom facility where regular portable toilets fall short. While the luxury restroom trailers vary, most include the following features:

  • ♦ Corian ® or faux marble countertop surfaces
  • ♦ Fluorescent ceiling and walkway lights for added visibility
  • ♦ Premium cabinetry for hygiene product storage and a more sophisticated look
  • ♦ Large vanity mirrors with decorative trim
  • ♦ Chrome fixtures
  • ♦ Richly stained wood paneling, trim, and doors

The Duke Package

Perfect for your event of up to 100 guests.

Luxury Restrooms In A Few Simple Steps


How many people will attend your event?


Will the restroom trailer rental be placed on grass, concrete, or gravel surface?


Is there an available electrical and water hookup for your restroom trailer?


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