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Ace Package (8 Stall Trailer)

Here at Royal Throne we offer mobile restroom trailers to satisfy all of your needs. This mobile restroom trailer is one of our most popular portable restroom trailer rentals and can handle outdoor events of all types and sizes.

They come equipped with:
  • ♦ All-porcelain features including multiple flushing toilets and waterless urinals that are partitioned for added comfort and privacy
  • ♦ Full-size porcelain sinks, full-size vanity mirrors, and variable water temperature so your guests and staff can properly wash up
  • ♦ Powered ventilation fans and regularly scheduled servicing so the mobile restroom trailer stays fresh and sanitary for the entire duration of your event
  • ♦ Climate control and comprehensive interior and exterior lighting for added comfort and safety no matter the weather conditions
  • ♦ Separate entry and exit on both men’s and women’s sides are also available
Each servicing of your portable restroom trailer rental involves:
  • ♦ Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, and walls.
  • ♦ Refills or hand sanitizer, hand soap, paper towels, and of course, toilet paper.
  • ♦ Emptying wastebaskets and evacuating holding tanks.
  • ♦ Functionality testing to ensure the lighting, water, and waste systems are all in proper working order.

The Ace Package

The elegant solutions for events of up to 400 guests.

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How many people will attend your event?


Will the restroom trailer rental be placed on grass, concrete, or gravel surface?


Is there an available electrical and water hookup for your restroom trailer?


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